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Exploring rough terrains & harsh environments

Puli Space Technologies Ltd. is a space technology company based in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2010 with the aim to become a significant part of the fast growing private lunar industry. Puli Space Technologies develops a low cost and lightweight, planetary rover platform with unique high mobility capabilities, which can survive in the harsh lunar environment and carry payload instruments, explore lunar resources as well as support In-Situ Resource Utilisation on the Moon.


Our first mission to the Moon

Our first mission to the surface of the Moon is planned to take place in 2021, onboard the Peregrine lunar lander of Astrobotic Inc. US-based company. Astrobotic is our official Moon delivery partner since August 2016. The 5-kg Puli Lunar Rover will be delivered to Lacus Mortis region, where it can explore the rough lunar terrain rolling on its whegs (wheel-legs) and monitor the lunar environment.


Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge

Team Puli had been an official contestant of the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) challenge since 2010, during which we have also organised the GLXP Team Summit in Budapest in 2014. GLXP called for privately funded teams to be the first to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon, travel 500 meters, and transmit back to Earth HD videos and images. Although the contest ended without any winner in 2018, Puli Space Technologies continues its mission to send a lunar rover to the Moon.


Moon & Mars Analog Field Tests

Puli Space has already gained remarkable experience in Analog Planetary Research (APR) to support future human and robotic planetary exploration. With the terrestrial prototypes of our rover, we had several successful field tests on Moon and Mars analog terrains, often cooperating with analog astronauts as well. Puli Space Technologies has participated in Mission Maunacast field test at PISCES on Mauna Kea (Hawaii); MARS2013 mission in the Sahara desert (Morocco) and AMADEE-15 expedition on the Kaunertal rock glacier of the Alps (Austria).

Our Lunar Mission One

Reach the Moon

Be the first European commercial and first Hungarian payload on the Moon, deliver Spacetime plaque time capsule

Technology Demonstration

Demonstrate the operation and unique mobility capabilities of the Puli Lunar Rover

Capture Images

Capture images and videos of the landing site, lunar landscape and Earth

Scientific Measurements

Acquiring valuable scientific data about radiation and thermal environments

Explore Lunar Surface

Visit hardly accessible areas like smaller craters, lava tubes and shadowed regions

Search for Water Ice

Demonstrate novel, low cost sensors to search for water ice in lunar regolith

Our Competencies


Mechanical design, 3D CAD modeling


Printed Circuit Board design of the Power Supply Unit and other rover electronics


Avionics assembly, integration and testing


Thermal simulations & analysis of lunar lander, payloads and rovers on lunar surface


Mars Analog Field Test with analog astronauts (MARS2013, Sahara desert, Morocco)


Moon Analog Field Test with two rovers (Mission Maunacast 2013, PISCES, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)


Mission Control in Budapest during field test (Mission Maunacast 2013, PISCES, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)


Analog Field Test with analog astronauts (AMADEE-15, Kaunertal rock glacier, Alps, Austria)


Mission Control in Budapest during field test (AMADEE-15, Kaunertal rock glacier, Alps, Austria)


Total Ionising Dose irradiation test of electronics with a Co-60 gamma source


Panorama photo taken by Puli Rover


Simulations of dusty plasma - Electric potentials of lunar surface and spacecraft


Developing and testing the Mission Control and Flight Software


High-altitude balloon experiment, partnership with Nescafé


Monte Carlo simulations of radiation environments (cosmic rays & secondary radiations)


Linear static analysis using Finite Element Method


Testing materials & components in extreme environments


Frequency Response Analysis for mechanical design


Simulations of dusty plasma - Lunar dust concentration around spacecraft


Monte Carlo simulations of the neutron radiation environment on the lunar surface


Thermal imaging measurements of the Puli Rover


System design of a lunar rover, high level system architecture


Mechanical Finite Element Method simulations - Mechanical stress of the wheg


Landing site analysis and Digital Elevation Models of lunar surface

Team Members

Work hours

Analog Field Tests


Our Team

Tibor Pacher, PhD.
CEO & Founder
Miklós Pathy
Head of Software Eng.
Mátyás Hazadi
Head of Electrical Eng.
Koppány Juhász
Head of Mechanical Eng.
Dávid Lucsányi
Head of Science
Robin Oberfrank
Head of Operations
Márk Burka
Mechanical Engineer
Szabolcs Grünvald
Systems Engineer
Zoltán Baji
Electronic Engineer
Sándor Döbrentei
Simulation Engineer
Bars Pálfi
Thermal Engineer
Attila Bárdi
IT Engineer
László Szűcs
Science Communicator
Gábor Nyitrai
Mechanical Engineer
Csaba Jéger
Aerospace Engineer
Szabolcs Nagy
Applied Physicist
Mateusz Rosiek
Aerospace Engineer
More People

Our Partners

MSC Software
Austrian Space Forum
Memory of Mankind

Péter Besenyei

aerobatics pilot, world champion air racer
18 October 2016

Every success is a confirmation that one does well what he/she does. The team of Puli Space does exactly that: thanks for their persistent, dedicated and productive work, they are gaining more and more success.

Antónia Erős

news anchor, journalist
13 August 2016

We've talked about this many times in the news and it seems less and less crazy. ... This is not a simple and short-lived enthusiasm, but a hard job, commitment, constant learning despite the fact, that failure can occur.

Attila Chikán

economist, university professor
18 November 2014

This project means for me to dare to dream big and do for them: many people say they know that we have the knowledge in this small country for it. Here's the chance to prove it.

Gábor Gerényi

computer engineer, journalist, co-founder of index.hu
6 October 2014

First I would send our Puli ahead to take a look around, sniff, examine, make friends, be nice to the locals, whoever they are.

András Hajós

singer, songwriter, comedian
12 September 2014

We need dreams, tales that the space is visible and that dream can come true. Landing Puli on the Moon is such a dream come true. It depends on us too if it happens.

Dániel Hamar

folk musician, space researcher, geophysicist
25 September 2014

Our scientists, thinkers, musicians carry the fame, that here in the Carpathian Basin, an ethnic group speaking a strange language - maybe thanks to their language - able to accomplish great things.

Jon Lomberg

space artist, science journalist
10 April 2016

During my visit in Budapest, I saw with my own eyes how the Puli inspired the students, the audience. This in itself already makes the project valuable.

László Kiss

22 July 2015

The Puli is both a professional challenge and a symbol. A successful mission can be a success for all of us, a nationwide positive experience that everyone can be proud of. Puli on the Moon - Wonderful thought!

Sándor Kürti

businessman, president of Kürt Zrt.
16 October 2014

One of the goals of Puli could be to bring our nation together. Thanks for the dream-like mission - Puli to the Moon! - which is unassailable, inspiring and pure. When was the last time we had the opportunity for such a noble collaboration?

Ádám Somlai-Fischer

principal artist and co-founder of Prezi
4 September 2014

Personally, what I like the most about Puli Space is that they have started a seemingly impossible project. A project that's about most people would say, it can't succeed anyway.

Count István Széchenyi

politician, writer, polymath, economist

Everything is difficult for one; nothing is impossible for many.

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Puli Space supports RADNEXT

Puli Space fully supports RADNEXT proposal and joins the nascent radiation effects R&D network of Europe, which aims to enhance and improve radiation testing and effect mitigation.

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