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Puli at Budapest New Tech Meetup

Every year’s biggest meetup event is the New Tech Meetup, which is held in the same time in 380 cities in the World. In Budapest it has celebrated its fourth birthday. Puli’s team was also invited to the event, so the coordinator of the educational department, Márton Deák represented us.

More than 400 people could listen presentations about such topics like nano-medicines and UAV's.  The rules of the event were quite strict, so every speaker had only 5 minutes, which was followed by questions for 5 minutes too. Luckily it was enough to present the GLXP and the basics of our team’s mission – so to know why and how can it be useful to support our initiative, and of course  the big question: why do we go to the Moon at all?

Fortunately our team had a great success, and the audience was enthusiastic too – the time was not even enough to answer so many questions in 5 minutes.

And what is next with Puli Space? Keep your eyes on the next meetup event – maybe we are going to be there! :)

An "inofficial" video - which, however, missed the beginning - can be watched here (but You're required to master some Hungarian ;-)):

Last Updated (Monday, 21 March 2011 11:11)

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