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Our impression of the Researchers Night

24. September 2010. 2pm, Millenáris Park, Budapest. Hall „B” is still empty, only a few exhibitors are present this early. They are searching for wall sockets, adjusting the tables, and thinking how many attendants will come and what will they say if somebody asks something they don’t know the answer for.

látogatók állnak a Puli standja körül a Millena´rison

3pm, the doors are open. At first only a few people are coming in, but later more and even more. The Puli stall is easy to find, just in front of the entrance, a colorful video is also showing our presence. They are halting, watching the video, looking at the interactive Moon-map (some even find the landing site of the Puli), and then a discussion begins.

The first questions are mainly: “Who are you? How will you get the money? How will you get there?”. Then the eager team members are starting to explain, show images and give “Lousy”, our demorover to the children. More videos are coming, along with desing-plans and webpages. 5 minutes later the attendant understands everything. He stays 10 minutes more, listens to us, nods, asks about the details and leaves, but before that he says something very important: “Good luck to you! We’re pulling for you!”

Thank you for everyone who was there!

Márton Deák


More photos from the event available here: http://indafoto.hu/pulispace/kutatok_ejszakaja_millenaris_2

a gyerekek kedvence egyértelműen Vacak a demoroverünk

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