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The Puli has barked at the Moon at Batthyány Square

On the 16th of October, Team Puli has held its first telescopic Moon-presentation. Enthused by the all-week-long sunshine, we had been waiting for the weekend, hoping that we will be able to show not just the clouds, but the Moon to the people in the street. The gods tried to ruin our plans, since Saturday morning when we woke up the weather was cloudy. After a quick crisis-discussion we had changed our schedule and because of the bad weather we invited people for a meeting. On the way to our destination many of us had seen our target appearing from the clouds, so we started to hope that we will be able to show the people where are we planning to send the Puli.


Photo: Nikolett Dudás

By the time we set up our type 200/1000 Newton telescope and unpacked the giveaways at the terminus of the tram, the Moon appeared over the Danube. We quickly adjusted the telescope just when the first people started appearing, who were wondering what these people are doing with this strange device. The presentation had started at 19:00 and lasted until 21:00. During this time the people were coming continuously, and according to our rough estimation, around 150 people saw our heavenly companion, in an extraordinary magnification. Every age-group represented itself, from the grannies to the toddlers, who were lifted up by their fathers to the ocular. What was common in them, is that all of them were fascinated by the spectacle. During that time the members of our team were explaining the people what Puli is, and of course we also presented some facts about the Moon, not to leave out the opportunity for some education. With the help of a map we showed the possible landing sites, which could also be identified with the telescope. Many who were interested also supported the fund of the registration fee with cash, we would like to express our thanks to them. Altogether the evening passed in good spirit, and we hope we have given the people a long-lasting experience and we hope to meet again at our next presentation.


Tamás Látos

Translation by Virág Váczi

Last Updated (Sunday, 07 November 2010 14:36)

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