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The Puli makes the big screen in action movie

Team Puli Space is the guest star of Hungarian National TV's weekly action series, "Hacktion". Although the team members are played by professional actors, an original lander mockup and a rover model also appears in the next three episodes. As the story goes, Haction portrays a fictional secret Hungarian institution specializing in cybercrime cases. The group employs talented hackers, who are now approached by the very professional looking Puli Space representatives, and propose an out-of-this-world challange to test the safety of their lunar rover's IT system.



Rovers, hackers, gunfights. What better way to introduce ourselves on national TV? Team Puli Space is currently featured in one of Hungary's few home-produced action series. The most recent three episodes of Hacktion not only show various actors portraying our team members, but they use some of our actual models and equipment to create yet another nail biting 3x50 minutes for the viewers.

Hacktion follows the daily lives of a group of hackers and security personnel, chasing down cyber criminals on a weekly basis. For the very few who are not yet addicted to the series, Ariel got recently shot and is still hospitalized, while András is striking a secret deal with the freelancer Guru, to get some info on a very mysterious hostile hacker.

This is when two suit-and-laptop businessman from Puli Space Technologies approach the company Hacktion (which is the visible business organization of the top secret IVO (Infrastructure Defensive Unit), for the safety of their multi million dollar space mission. Our Team Leader Tibor Pacher - or rather the actor who plays him - is concerned that the Puli rover might be attacked by hackers on the Moon, taking over it to show off or to blackmail the company. Therefore he provides a model rover and a heap of cash to have the Puli's IT security tested before launch. Overseeing the process is the charming Maya, engineer at Puli Space (modelled after our Anett Krammer), who instantly gets the attention the geeks at IVO.

Anett Krammer, engineer at Puli Space, and Eszter Tóth, the actress impersonating her. The Puli in the middle is sitting like a boss.

Anett Krammer (left), engineer at Puli Space, and Eszter Tóth (right), the actress impersonating her.

"I find it very exciting that such an intriguing and current project fits into the series. I didn't think I will play someone who is actually preparing for the Moon " - said Eszter Tóth, who plays Maya.

"My character, Maya, is a very smart and temperamental woman, who you wouldn't think can solve difficult equations in seconds, and keep citing data without end. Although she has worked at NASA and the CIA, she is not a really firm character, she is more of a sensual type, making her even more attractive for the male hackers at IVO" - added the actress who consulted personally with Anett while preparing for the role.

The first episode was aired this week and is available online here, and the upcoming ones can be watched Mondays on MTV1.

The series' trailer

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