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MoonBots is back!

The third annual contest of the X Prize Foundation and LEGO is here, and this time it is about an important issue of the actual GLXP missions: heritage artifacts left around the lunar landscape. The competition is divided into two phases. In Phase One, the teams of 2-5 youth between the age of 9 and 17 are invited to share their thoughts about these issues and lunar landscape challenge design in a fun and creative video.

Teams don't have to travel anywhere or pay any fees, they only need to answer two questions: first, describe what the ultimate lunar landscape challenge would be if you had the chance to build it? Would it made out of LEGO, sand and rocks or would it be a digital platform? The second question is, if you'd be given those materials and a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot, where would you build it? Finally, you need to create a short video about the heritage artifacts on the Moon and the GLXP competition. From these submissions, 30 teams will be chosen as finalists and provided a stipend to build their ultimate lunar landscape during Phase Two.  They will also receive a free LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot that they will have to learn how to program to complete a course on their Moon. After the landscape is built and the robot is ready, the game has to be broadcasted live over the internet. The Grand Prize winners will receive a trip to Hawaii and will visit the PISCES center to learn about how the Hawaiian landscape today helps scientists prepare to explore the Moon.



Registration for Phase One is open from 15th of May until 15th of July, 2012. We encourage the Hungarian students to create a team and join the competition and would like to offer our help and patronage as active GLXP competitors. We can provide assistance in robotics, building of spacecraft models, astronomy, geology, PR, GLXP-related issues and so on. If you are interested in creating a team, don't hesitate to connect us!

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