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Masat-1 spies the Moon

Hungary's first satellite, Masat-1 is still going strong and indulges us with lovely pictures from space. It captured images of the southern hemisphere of the Earth, the Sun and our target, the Moon. It may not be the prettiest picture of our companion, but it is nonetheless made from space, with a camera that is smaller than a fingernail and weighs as much as two euro coins – and Hungarian.


The resolution is only 640x480 pixels, but the quality of the images are unprecedented in the Cubesat league. Masat-1 has demonstrated that reasonable space imagery can be acquired even with very limited resources – weight, power, bandwidth, attitude control included. The only remaining challenge is the activation of the active attitude control system that will allow to capture the northern hemisphere as well.

Last Updated (Saturday, 16 June 2012 15:18)

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