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Field test #3: indoor imitation

Wind and snow. Two components of harsh weather you encounter during the winter in Hungary but really won't expect it on the Moon. But this was our last opportunity for a field test before shipping the Iteration 2 rover to Innsbruck for the MARS2013 dress rehearsal, so we had no time to waste. After some brainstorming and a few phone calls, the team came up with a solution: the indoor Sand Arena at the sport complex of Építők SC (the name, Builders, refers to  the Sports Club of to the Union of Building-industry Workers). The arena is normally used for things like beach volleyball training, so our inquiry to test a Moon rover there was truly out of the ordinary - but thankfully they let our rover in happily.

Roving in the sand.

Look ma', no hands! I mean, no cables, charging from batteries.

Setting up the Mission Control.

Rover perspective.

We thank the Építők Sand Arena for their hospitality again - and stay tuned for more MARS2013 news from Innsbruck!

Photos: Ervin Nagy, Puli Space

Sand Arena - if you don't have a Moon rover to test, you can come to us to play beach volleyball, beach football or tennis too!

Last Updated (Tuesday, 11 December 2012 18:13)

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