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Crocheted Puli in the night

One of the driving forces behind Puli Space is creativity. Although we mostly depend on engineering and scientific creativity to get to the Moon, one of our fans has proven that expertise in artisanship has a place around the Puli too.

The grinning puli from the logo, barking on the Moon, made a hit at the GLXP Team Summit in Chile, at the gathering of the team leaders, where it was selected as the Most Entertaining Mascot. And he (she? - no genders in Hungarian!) is indeed so entertaining that one of our fans, Mária Novák, created the crocheted version after receiving a Puli keyholder from friend of her at HungaroControl. So did our mascot come alive in three dimensions.

"The Barking Alien" - no, Puli it is not an alien, it is a dog breed. Even Zuck has one.

An he came alive indeed! Several photographs prove that he let his hair (or, rather, his coat) down and jumped into the night life of Budapest. According to the shots, he went to a concert, had some beer, flirted with girls and even hit the stage. The bitten cymbal tells that he did party hard. Let's hope he also works hard and will reach the Moon soon...

As of now, there are only two prototypes of the crocheted Puli – currently the same situation as with our rovers, but we concentrate on the latter business. Mária will, however, soon create a manual and then anyone who is interested in may crochet a little Puli mascot. It will take about half a day to do it – we look forward to see photos of the growing herd!

Last Updated (Thursday, 25 April 2013 08:19)

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