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Memory of Mankind

The greatest timecapsule ever.


Never before information was spread in such a density and speed. Across the planet and in realtime we share ideas and emotions. But what will remain from the shares, likes, tweets and posts? How will the picture of our time look like in the future?

Will there be any traces of our existence except global warming, nuclear waste and countless energy-drink-cans?

Memory of Mankind - MOM - preserves the stories about our era and saves them from oblivion in a near future. Protected deep in a mountain and on durable ceramic data carries,

MOM tells our stories for 1.000.000 years.

An adequate place for a long term storage has to be chosen with great caution. The world oldest saltmine in Hallstatt, Austria, with a perpetual mining history of 7,000 years and being part of the the UNESCO world heritage site Hallstatt/Dachstein, is a perfect shelter for the MOM archive.


We have to select today what we want to be kept for tomorrow. Team Puli is proud to support the MOM project.

Draw with us a colourful portrait of our time!

mom_logo Source: http://memory-of-mankind.com/

Módosítás: (2016. November 12. Szombat, 15:00)

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